Just another miserable detox diary – or is there joy in health?

Introduction & Description


After doing two 5-Day detox programs by Dr. Schulze, I was impressed with the results but still not free of nagging long-term symptoms of proteinuria, fluid retention and chronic pain in the liver and kidney areas. I have seen over 65 medical doctors and had countless workups before realizing what a waste of money and time it was. Alternative and complimentary practitioners haven’t offered a diagnosis or resolution either.

So I’m committed to taking Dr. Schulze’s 30-day “There Are No Incurable Diseases” program for a personal test drive. For good measure, I even bought a second 30-day kit, and I will keep doing this for up to 90 days if necessary, in order to obtain desired results.

Cleansing and Detoxification Program Description

A 30-day program consists of alternating 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder cleanses with 5-Day Kidney/Bladder cleanses four times which equals 20 days with optional two-day breaks in-between. I may go directly from the 5-day Liver detox to the 5-day kidney detox program and repeat without breaks. This shortens the entire program by 8 days. I’ll also do Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Detoxification Program throughout the entire month.

You can do any of the 5-day programs as standalone cleanses at any time for health maintenance or you can combine them together (as in this “No Incurables Program”) where you alternate the 5-day Liver/Gallbladder with the 5-day Kidney/Bladder cleanses for up to 90 days in cases of persistent illness. Dr. Schulze recommends doing the Intestinal Detox Program at the same time without interruption for persistent illness.

I will do the Hot & Cold Shower routine, skin bruising, and body movement in the form of Chi Gong (Qigong) and rebounding. I don’t plan to do the High Enema, the Cold Sheet Treatment, massage/bodywork, Castor Oil Packs, Poultices nor the Female Suppositories (since I’m a male :-))

Household Health

I don’t generally walk barefoot outside as Dr. Schulze recommends, but I do sleep on a grounded fitted sheet. I use a HEPA filter and an air ionizer for indoor air quality, wash with Dr. Bronner’s unscented Castile liquid soap and use all-natural products bought at Whole Foods, including laundry and dish detergents.

After years of experimenting with drinking water treatment like R/O, Ionizers, etc., I currently triple filter my drinking water with an on-the-counter system and steam distill some of this for special purposes like the teas and Potassium (Vegetable) Broth. I also double filter my shower water for general and chloramine contamination. To increase cellular hydration, I lower the specific gravity of the filtered water with the clinically proven Stirwand.

Blog Description

In this blog I will detail my experience and what I’m doing in the way of nutritional intake and general lifestyle. I will also illustrate what the protocol is like by writing and posting photos and videos.

Schulze’s 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Vs other popular liver flushes (Clark, Moritz, etc.)

I think large amounts of Epsom Salt place unnecessary strain on the kidneys. I believe Dr. Schulze’s formulas are gentler and more thorough because they take longer and may therefore act more persistently. Certainly they have a track record of indisputable effectiveness and according to Dr. Schulze, some enlightened MDs are even using the Liver/Gallbladder cleanses in place of gallbladder removal.

Read the booklet entitled “There are No Incurable Diseases”

Here you can read Dr. Schulze’s web-based book: “There are No Incurable Diseases”


10 thoughts on “Just another miserable detox diary – or is there joy in health?”

  1. Wonderful. I’m visualizing you completing the cleanse and all symptoms completely and permanently gone.

  2. This is interesting, Steve, I do hope you get good results and I look forward to reading more about the progress.

  3. Thanks Sandra – the blog will keep me motivated – as in “no turning back.” LOL

  4. Very interesting blog. I look forward to read more.

    • I’m glad you find it interesting Cesar. I look forward to your own blog concerning the latest news on financial markets and investment instruments.

  5. Denise said:

    Good Luck with your cleanse. Today is day 5 on the kidney/bladder detox for me and I plan on doing the 30 days in a few weeks. I will definately check back to see how you are doing.


    • Steve L said:

      Thanks Denise. I hope your cleanse went well. Steve

      • So what happened to Steve?

      • Steve L said:

        The Schulze cleanse did not have a noticeable effect on symptoms. It probably cleaned and conditioned the organs and who knows what other benefits it had, but I was still left with the original issues once I had completed the regiment.

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