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Potassium Broth Ingredients

Day 1 of overall program –
Day 1 of 1st round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

Program Overview & Day One Food Intake

The fact the program is broken into five day segments makes it manageable and not overwhelming. So today was Day One of the first (of two) 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder detoxes. On day one and day five you can have some solid food, so I had a coconut base vegetable curry soup for lunch with a salad. For dinner I had fermented root vegetables, cucumber slices, celery sticks, steamed kale with olive oil and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and some organic raw walnuts.

Intestinal Detoxification Program

By tonight, I’ll only have taken the Detox tincture four times instead of five because I had a slow start this morning. Also, I’ll only have taken two heaping teaspoons of Intestinal Formula #2 today (thats the one containing flax seed, charcoal and much more to clean out and detoxify the GI tract) simply because I forgot to take the other three doses when I had breaks from drinking and eating (you need about +/- 30 minutes of no intake when you take the Intestinal Formula #2). I’ve had a head start with the Intestinal Detoxification Program which is why I’m diving right in with five servings per day. For my gut, taking three Intestinal Formula #1 produces about three bowel movements the following day (Thats the one that sets things in motion and ensures there is no constipation).

In my experience, Intestinal Formula #1 is quite gentle and does not produce excessive cramping or immediate urges to run to the toilet which is very practical for someone who is at work. So I take three Intestinal Formula #1 capsules with dinner (cathartic formula) and five heaping teaspoons of Intestinal Formula #2 (drawing & detoxifying formula) throughout the day for the entire month.

Remember the gastrointestinal tract is of primary importance during all this. The “barn doors” must be wide open preferably before you even begin, so its a good idea to start with the Bowel Detox program a week early to find out how many capsules of Intestinal Formula #1 you need with your evening meal to have two or three bowel movements the following day. Once you get this part figured out, then you can begin Intestinal Formula #2, quickly increasing to five servings per day. It really does feel great once you get the bowels working properly. For someone with irritable bowel syndrome, or overactive bowels, they will not need Formula #1 at all since things are already moving. They may find that Intestinal Formula #2, if taken long enough, will actually make their condition a thing of the past.

Vegetable Broth & Garlic

The potassium/vegetable broth is simmering now for two hours and that will be my primary liquid intake for the next three days along with vegetable juices and SuperFood Plus. Notice the jars of garlic cloves in the photo above – there are two jars – probably at least 50 cloves; they are all simmering in the broth right now. Garlic is my friend this month and I take it fresh and raw from whole organic cloves whenever I can since I suspect there is an infectious component to my health complaints. The goal is to saturate the body with the garlic chemicals and maintain a steady blood level. Yes I’ve heard of people beginning to bruise when taking large doses of garlic because it thins the blood and I’ll maintain a keen awareness of my body throughout.

What I like about doing this stuff is that it all grows in nature and not in a laboratory. How many years have the latest pharmaceutical drugs been in use and for how many years have garlic been used therapeutically? I rest my case.


I did do the skin brushing followed by the HOT AND COLD shower routine this morning. I will do it once or twice daily; more about that later. Initially at least, I don’t plan to do the high enemas or the cold sheet treatment as mentioned in the book.