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Day 2 of overall program –
Day 2 of 1st round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

Drink your vegetable broth

Last night the potassium (vegetable) broth simmered for two hours and produced nearly 8 quarts of broth and looks like this:

The containers I use are Camwear Polycarbonate Square Food Storage Containers and over the years I’ve been very happy with their performance and convenience.

Potassium (Vegetable) broth Ingredients

  1. 25% Potato peelings
  2. 25% carrot peelings and whole chopped beets
  3. 25% chopped onions (Red and White)
  4. 25% celery and dark greens (used Dino Kale)
  5. At least 50 garlic cloves
  6. Two jalapeño peppers sliced in half
  7. Two Serrano peppers sliced in half
  8. Enough distilled water to cover vegetables. (I make my own steam distilled water because I believe it draws more minerals and nutrition out of the vegetables. Filtered or purified water would work too)

I cheated and also added two bunches of parsley since I’ve used parsley tea in the past and found it to be quite effective at cleansing and reducing proteinuria. I’m unsure of the reason for Dr. Schulze’s omission of this wonderful vegetable/herb to the potassium/vegetable broth.

How does it taste? Very pleasant actually. Not unlike the rich flavors of vegetable and onion soup while at the same time being delightfully fresh and light. How could it not pack a nutritional punch? 🙂


Its end of day two and I’m starving! I ask myself: “Why put yourself through this torture.” Why deprive the body of solid food? I’ve suffered too long with chronic symptoms and at some point you realize that nothing much else could be any worse than go though life with chronic pain and inability to sleep at night. So hunger is nothing compared to suffering from something. Especially if it can solve the problem. Besides I’m probably getting more nutrition now than when I eat normally – its just that the nutrition is in a highly bioavailable form and the body takes it in readily since it is constantly waiting to devour whatever comes down the squeaky clean gastrointestinal tract.

Nutrient Assimilation

Not only is the GI tract clean from the detoxification program, what I’m drinking is nutrient dense and highly digestible (Vegetable Juices, SuperFood Plus, Dense Potassium (Vegetable) Broth, Teas, blended, juiced or mashed raw garlic, fruit juices, granny smith apples and olive oil in the morning, etc..). I add several drops of Dr. Schulze’s liquid Cayenne tincture ~HOT~ to most of what I drink because its an age old remedy for increasing circulation and warming things up in the body. Lets face it, raw vegetables an be “cold” on the digestion so warming things up with ginger, cayenne and garlic aids digestion and nutrient assimilation.


Next I go on the rebounder to help get the stuff deep into the body where its needed. For years I had metal spring rebounders until I found a far superior product made in Germany. Its called the Bellicon and the springs are miniature interchangable bungee cords of different tensions depending on your weight and/or the purpose for rebounding. My cords are soft because my aim is to get the nutrition and herbs deep into the organs and cells. I don’t jump excessively, but do eight minute intervals of moderate intensity some minutes after taking the herbs. This trampoline is expensive, but it is one of these cases where you truly get what you pay for and I want the best for my health, body and wellbeing.