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Day 3 of overall program –
Day 3 of 1st round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

Green Star - The Original Twin-Gear Juice Extractor

JUICING IS ESSENTIAL! – How I selected a juicer

During a three-year episode of chronic fatigue from 1990 to 1993, I learned about juicing. After doing a little research, I knew I didn’t want a centrifugal type juicer because of the ultra high speed and consequent low nutritional retention of the produce. So I bought a Champion Juicer. It served its purpose and like Dr. Schulze says, “any juicing is better than no juicing.”

What I didn’t like about it was the persistent tendency to heat up the juice due to friction inside the machine during the extraction process. So I’d put cold carrots in from the fridge and the juice would come out luke warm and not fresh and cool. Later I found out that heat degrades the nutritional content of the juice and that made sense to me.

Norwalk Juicer

So I wanted something better and I had my eyes on the Norwalk Juicer for the longest time. But at $2495, it was and remains beyond my budget! Besides I hear cleaning it is cumbersome. BUT the extracted juice is undoubtedly of the highest nutrient content obtainable – a true injection of disease fighting nutrition straight into the bloodstream.

Green Star Juicers

So with the Green Star GP-E1503, I feel I settled for the second best at a fraction of the cost. With the low RPM and twin-gear magnetic masticating extraction, I believe it when they say the juice retains its nutrient content for hours and hours after extraction and this is important to me, since I really don’t want to be juicing – and cleaning juicer parts – all day long. Take a look at the photo above – would you want to be cleaning those parts several times per day and then also having to scrub vegetables and get rid of the pulp? No thanks.

But don’t get me wrong – its really not bad to clean – I use running water and a brush and thats it. Then I just rack dry the parts and put them back in the juicer later in the day. Meanwhile I have four sealed glasses of juice waiting in the fridge for later consumption with SuperFood Plus and a little filtered water dilution.

My Detox Experience So Far

I couldn’t sleep last night – finally got up at 1 AM and began reading on-line. Went back to bed an hour or two later and awoke this morning later than I intended after snoozing the alarm for nearly an hour. So I didn’t do the morning Zhineng Qigong method. Still, I actually have much more energy than normal. I suspect the body is free of the daily energy expenditure of digestion and this saved energy is transferred into a clearer mind and a feeling of more energy.

It isn’t because I’m not obtaining nutrients – on the contrary – I’m actually saturating my body with nutrition, but since its easily digestible fluid nutrition, it only has to pass the intestinal wall to become absorbed. No laborious digestive processes are necessary and this apparently translates into increased energy.

The biggest challenge is keeping up with the protocol. Like spacing the Detox tincture five times daily and taking the Intestinal Corrective Formula #2 (Drawing & Detoxifying) five times daily with nothing to drink within +/- 30 minutes of consumption. Then there is all the vegetable broth, and the four glasses of veggie juice I make in the morning. PLUS three times daily, I also have to drink the Detox Tea with the Liver/Gallbladder tincture added. Its a little busy but I feel once I get the routine down, it will become more automatic.

Protocol Compliance

My conclusion on protocol compliance is this: READ and REREAD Dr. Schulze’s “Daily Schedule” starting on page 92 of his booklet “There are No Incurable Diseases.” And remember his attitude: Do the best you can and don’t fret over the small stuff. If you have to modify the whole protocol, you modify it and thats it – and don’t worry about it.

Do bear in mind however, the result you get is directly proportional to the effort you put in. This is why I believe he advocates having a “helper” for those people who have a life threatening disease – the people the doctors have given up on and sent home to die. When you have to do the entire protocol verbatim, it becomes a very busy month with a lot of constant activity and planning. But hey – how badly do you want to live, recover and become healthy?

When we have health, we just don’t appreciate it because we take it for granted. Only when we become sick do we understand how precious the life experience really is. Its a magical gift to be alive but we rarely stop and appreciate our simple surroundings because most of us are usually so hypnotized by the constant, and often deadening, thought stream in the head.