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Day 4 of overall program –
DAy 4 of 1st round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

The Power of Hydrotherapy

Dr. Schulze says: “Every sick area of the body has some type of physical, emotional or spiritual blockage.” Ancient Chinese medicine says: “Sickness is due to stagnation or blockage of Chi (Qi)”

What do these quotes mean? We must get things to flow again inside the body where there is pain and/or pathology. Again, quoting from Dr. Schulze’s book on No Incurable Diseases: “After 20 years of clinical practice, exploring numerous therapies, nothing broke up blockage and drove blood and life back into blocked and diseased areas faster or better than Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy.

By alternating one minute hot and then 15-30 seconds cold, and repeating the cycle 7 times. It causes the blood to flow in and out of the area rapidly and represents the strongest way to move lymph fluid, stimulate nerves, tone the muscles and to affect the emotions positively. Dr. Schulze says this is more powerful than any herb or treatment from Cayenne pepper to psychotherapy – “it can literally move mountains.”

Incline platform designed Qigong master

So I’ve been doing it for over a week – hitting the water on my mid-back where the liver and kidney pain is. Well, yesterday I decided to split the exposure to front and back since the pain is deep in the center of the body. Following skin brushing and the hydrotherapy shower routine, I always feel invigorated and yesterday I also decided to stretch the body on the BodyPyramid platform immediately after the shower. This opens up the diaphragm and the organs and has had good effect on the pain.

Immunity at work?

Shortly after, as I was driving, I had a tremendous stab in the a left inguinal lymph node  – literally felt like a knife stab. And immediately after, the left kidney pain disappeared. This tells me I must have activated immunity and scattered some of the blockage enough that things were being cleared out through the lymphatic system. The pain came back an hour later, but the onion is getting pealed away bit by bit.

I’m very enthusiastic to be doing the hydrotherapy and stretching from now on. Is the water cold and unpleasant? Do I gasp for air and feel like screaming from the ice cold water? Of course I do. But I’m looking for results and noting is worse than long term chronic pain – the shower routine is nothing compared to that!

To stimulate immunity, I will also rotate Dr. Schulze’s Echinacea Plus, but to address consistent immunological competence, I am taking two other products throughout the program. They are: 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula and Immune Support Plus by Get Well Natural.