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Day 5 of overall program –
Day 5 of 1st round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

What have I gained?

Today is the last day of the first round of Liver Detox. I’ve had more energy yesterday and today than I’ve had in months. Even more than last time I did the same cleanse which tells me the effects are cumulative.

I especially feel it in my head – very clear – almost as if my peripheral vision has improved and the eyesight become clearer. Today I break the 3 day-juice/broth/SuperFood fast with some solid food, so I had a cup of green chickpea soup and a raw salad for lunch. Tonight I’ll actually have animal products – I have three quarts of gelatin rich chicken broth which needs to be eaten and I’ll add spinach leaves and some bok choy and organic baby shiitake mushrooms as well.

Weston A. Price & Paleo Diet

Dr. Schulze is a vegan but I’m not. For him it probably works great, but I’m a firm believer in the research of Weston Price and I also like the logic of the Paleo way of living and eating. These philosophies mean things like this:

Photo from Feb/Mar 2012 Paleo Magazine

Sustainably, naturally and organically raised food not compromised by profit driven production and subsidized by government due to chemical production industry lobbyists. But thats a whole other story for a different blog or website.

So I’m having my free range chicken broth with vegetables tonight. And by that I’m no longer following Dr. Schulze’s 30-day program as I’m supposed to. However, I’ve decided to go directly to the 5-Kidney Cleanse tomorrow on day 6 without a two day break. This means I can have solid food again tomorrow and I’ll probably stick with raw vegetables and fruits since I’m “splurging” tonight. The day after tomorrow I go directly to 3 more days of juice/broth/SuperFood while drinking the teas and cleansing herbs as well as the morning flushes.

Biomagnetic Pair therapy according to Dr. Goiz Duran, MD

Yesterday I had a follow-up biomagnetic Pair session. This therapy has given me more relief than anything else I’ve tried since 2004. The method is simple but phenomenally effective at balancing the pH of certain parts of the body whereby interfering with the reproductive cycles of various pathogens. I will explain more about this therapy later or you can click on the biomagnetic link for immediate gratification.

One cautionary note: It is difficult to find proficient practitioners in the US. I flew to Mexico City twice to the clinic of the medical doctor who developed the method over the past 23 years. But we are lucky in the San Francisco Bay Area to have a couple of well qualified and effective practitioners. I have actually learned the technique myself and hope to become proficient in the next year or so.