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Day 7 of overall program –
Day 2 of 1st round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox

Therapeutic Garlic; A better way…

During the 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder cleanse, when preparing the morning “Liver Flush Drink,” you titrate up to 5 cloves of garlic on the fifth day. I was using five cloves of garlic from day one and at least another five cloves of raw garlic during the day as well.

With the Kidney/Bladder cleanse, you don’t have as much morning prep because the “Kidney Flush Drink” is very simple and doesn’t contain garlic. However, I still want to keep up my raw garlic intake so what to do? Would Dr. Schulze allow me to add five cloves of garlic to the Kidney drink? Who knows. I imagine it would be OK, but thus far I’m sticking with the instructions.

So I was pressing the garlic cloves into the vegetable/SuperFood Plus drink as I’d been doing during the liver program, except more cloves now that I have to make up for the lack of garlic in the AM. So the drink becomes quite thick with the SuperFood plus six or seven pressed garlic cloves all shaken together. It is hardly palatable, but I have no trouble with palatability – I go for the effect, not the taste 😝

Still, its not a pleasant drink, so I devised a better way. See the photo above? Now I make a shot of garlic instead. I simply press a few cloves of garlic into the shot glass and then add veggie juice and stir well. It becomes very thick and all I have to do is swallow and try not to chew too much. It works best if I do two swallows per shot glass and wash it down with some of the juice mixture.

With no garlic added, its amazing how much better the juice of my carrot, beet, celery, apple, parsley and SuperFood Plus tastes!

You said you get mouth sores from garlic and spicy food? Get a bottle of Eco-Dent mouthwash (mint flavor), use it several times per day and the problem is gone (at least for me)

Amping up Qigong practice

Zhineng Qigong, Third Method, Credit Yuan Tze Centre

As I’m approaching a week on the program now with no obvious and sustainable shift in symptoms, I’ve decided to amp up the amount of Qigong activity I do. In the past month, its been difficult to get up at 6 AM to practice. I believe its mostly due to poor sleep but also because I often don’t get to bed until 11 PM.

So the daily schedule has to change. I will aim for bed by 9:30 – 10 PM and up by 6 AM. The morning routine, 1:20 hrs of four basic exercises will be done after the tea. Then sometime during the day I will do the second method of the Zhineng Qigong system which also takes 1:20 hrs. At night I will do the first method of the system followed by a standing meditation for a total of about 1:10. I may do an additional 30 minutes of standing form on certain days. This will bring my daily Qigong routine back up to 3:50 which I was doing until before Christmas 2011.

I also do a stretching routine on the BodyPyramid Qigong system which takes about 35 minutes and is done immediately after the hot/cold shower in the morning to stretch out the liver/kidney/diaphragm regions and help break up the stagnant Qi which is causing pain. The rebounding is done 8 minutes twice daily which makes for a total of 4:41 hrs of daily body movement/standing. Of course I also stand while in the kitchen and when walking to the store, etc.