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Day 8 of overall program –
Day 3 of 1st round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox

From grieving monk to Chinese medicine man to has-been human; which am I today?

Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

If controversy surrounding a¬†Multiple Personality Disorder diagnosis isn’t¬†enough, then how about the idea of different pathologies manifesting during different personalities?

There is scientific evidence of different regional cerebral blood flow patterns for different senses of self. Further, the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) and the posterior associative cortices are known to have an integral role in the conscious experience. PubMed: Abstract of “One brain, two selves.”

Of course this research in itself does not answer the primary question but it does shed light on different physiologies during different personalities. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that someone with diabetes or a heart condition in one personality is completely healthy in another.

The Ability of Consciousness to Affect Physiology & Pathology

I believe the phenomenon of ‘multiple personalities with distinct pathologies’ holds a clue about our potential for healing. Because¬†well trained Qigong masters and those with naturally born ‘special abilities’ easily influence the physiology of their consenting students/clients/patients, we already know the body responds and changes rapidly under the influence of directed consciousness and focused intention.

If the consciousness of a Qigong master penetrates the body and shatters kidney stones or dissolves tumors in a matter of minutes (as is readily documented), then why couldn’t a person with multiple personalities experience different pathologies during different personalities?

My Mental State and Personality Shift

I bring this up because I have noticed a correlation between my symptoms of pain and proteinuria and my mental state. So yesterday I decided to pretend to wipe all memory of the multi-year struggle which includes 3.5 years of intestinal pain followed by a year of non-specific hepatitis which then went on to the current condition. I also wanted to wipe my knowledge of an inherited primary immune deficiency which might have allowed a microorganism to become invasive.

What if none of this was related to me – or the person I pretend to be (the bundle of memories in my psyche which I cling to as my sense of self)? What if I instead tell myself that I have no past and that I fully endorse the present with its infinite possibilities and sense of void? What if I ignore the pain and symptoms, deny them my attention while reminding myself of their insignificance and temporary nature?

Within this mental void, I repeatedly remind myself of the inherent blueprint for cellular health which enabled ancestral bloodlines to make it as far as my current conscious experience. The tendency for all life to thrive with strength and tenacity in its unique shape and form becomes my exclusive knowledge base and modus operandi. I then begin to feel how my cellular structures behave in harmony to assert the right of my organism as a whole to not only thrive, but also represent optimal health.

In this process, I let go of my tightly wound cynicism towards the medical system for not providing help. I also allow myself to release the mental ‘white knuckle grip’ I’ve had on my presumed understanding of the body’s pathology. Once these mental shackles are dissolved and once I morph into a different person, I have the freedom to intend perfect health since the old entrenched and limiting belief structures of pathology are no longer relevant. ‘My story’ is dissolving.

Learning to generate a different personality could actually be the key to healing. Morph out of the old and into the new as a caterpillar does to become a butterfly. The origin of the noun “person” is no other than “a character in a drama mask.”