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Day 9 of overall program –
Day 4 of 1st round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox

Protocol Compliance

If the golden rule in real estate is LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION, then the mantra for regaining health is COMPLIANCE-COMPLIANCE-COMPLIANCE. If you want results, you must comply with the instructions of whatever program you commit to doing!

Queens Guard

Comply my friend, or fall out of line...

Dr. Schulze advocates the enlistment of a ‘helper’ while doing the “There are No Incurable Diseases” program. At first I wondered what for; the program is pretty straight forward. But I’m realizing now that I probably log more time in the kitchen than on an average day without health related activities. If I don’t get started promptly with the morning ritual, I end up chronically behind for most of the day.  ..And I’m not even doing the cold sheet wrap and all the other fancy stuff!

Of particular challenge is keeping up with the Intestinal Corrective Formula #2 which needs to be taken five times daily and cannot be taken within 30 minutes of anything else. I admit it – I have not complied and generally I get 2-4 doses in a day. You see, I also have to drink the vegetable juice with the SuperFood Plus which I’m doing four times daily (each time with a tablespoon of SuperFood Plus). I also warm and drink the Potassium (vegetable) broth several times per day and then there is the cleansing teas three times per day and the Echinacea Plus or the Detox tincture five times per day.

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You have to pay constant attention to the clock because its easy to fall behind – maybe not so much on the juice/SuperFood Plus and vegetable broth because I take that to fill the stomach when I can’t stand the hunger – but its all the other stuff you have to keep up with as the day passes.

Benefits so Far

There is a slight decrease in fluid retention under the eyes and also the ankles. I don’t wake up feeling quite as puffy in the face as I have been. The skin is much clearer and smoother and the white of the eyes is super white and bright.

Next, the urine is a nice normal light straw color most of the time – not thick, bubbly and dark as before. Yes, occasionally there are more bubbles in the toilet than I like, but generally they disappear within a minute. In the past, I have observed where the toilet is like a thick bubble bath after urination and then it remains that way (bubbles don’t pop over time) – pretty scary. All the while, with ongoing kidney pain as the infection eats away at the tissues (or so I’m told by my mind).

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I’m much more flexible than before, the body feels light and agile and the energy level is remarkably vital. I don’t get tired at anytime during the day and I feel very clear in the head. Driving is amazing as I see all around me like I have x-ray panoramic vision. Its like I had my horse blinders removed! The world seems much clearer and brighter.

Where There is little or no Change in Symptoms

The alternating burning, stabbing, squeezing, radiating and deep pain in the liver and left kidney areas are somewhat better. Skillfully and directed mind activity learned through Qigong practice has a positive effect on the pain, but it remains persistent. It is especially disconcerting when awaking from the pain during the night.

Some nights I sleep with a frequency specific micro current device called the KMT 24 Plus and developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD but no longer in production under that name. (These units may still be available, so comment if you want the contact). Out of all the frequency devices I’ve come across (…and I have had many and still own a few), this is by far the most effective technology I’ve used. When nothing else has worked, this small unit has calmed down the activity inside and enabled me to get through many nights since December 2007. (Try telling a hepatologist or a nephrologist that you suspect you have an invasive protozoa infection in your organs – they think you are nuts. Even worse, try to convince the genius of an infectious disease doc that the infection he saw you with in the intestines years ago now has become invasive. I’m talking about the head of the department at UCSF no less. They do nothing when they first see you and then refuse to see you later when you attempt to make an appointment). In any case, the KMT 24 has 12 programs and uses a very sophisticated combination of overlapping frequencies which are very complex, thereby rendering pathogens practically unable to create resistance and become used to the stimuli.