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Day 10 of overall program –
Day 5 of 1st round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox

Unproductive ‘Mindloops’


Misfortune like job loss, family death, illness or whatever events cause us to say “why now, why did this have to happen, it’s not fair, why me, etc..” inevitably creates the “poor little me” midstream in the head.

The midstream works like a loop of sorts and the emotions reinforce its track. It’s like a model train traveling on a circular track around a Christmas tree and the power source is the emotions. The longer the train travels around the tree, the deeper and more entrenched the track becomes. Chronic pain or illness is particularly pervasive in this way because it constantly reminds you of its presence and thus reinforces the midstream or thought loop.

Thinking of the pain or illness reinforces the pathology. When we complain to others, we enlist their consciousness to help us reinforce and worsen our condition. IE Persistent illness reinforces the thought pattern which creates the emotions which fuel the thinking and identity surrounding the illness and this in turn loops back to feed the illness. It’s a tightly wound knot which is difficult to untangle.

The vicious circle becomes intrenched and solidified over time. Physicians play a pivotal role in either reinforcing this destructive phenomenon or helping to dismantle it. There is a saying by my Biomagnetic teacher, Dr. Goiz Duran, MD: Conventional medicine gives the patient Three Stabs of Death –

  1. The diagnosis
  2. The prognosis (statistical probability of survival time)
  3. The toxic treatment

If the prognosis is given as “terminal,” the patient goes home and prepares to die. As if their mental state isn’t counterproductive enough at this point, the caustic treatment will surely add insult to injury by accelerating the approaching end. ‘The Three Stabs of Death’ have set in motion the destructive mind stream which fails to create the necessary mental state for healing. Depak Chopra in “Magical Mind, Magical Body” talks about the utter uselessness of bringing statistically based survival rates into a patient conversation since statistics have NOTHING to do with the potential outcome of the individual in question.

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Dr. Schulze can surely attest to this from his 20 years of clinical successes of natural interventions. He revived many deathbed-ridden patients whom the medical system had given up on and patients went on to live normal lives following the completion of his methods outlined in the “There are no Incurable Diseases” program. Apparently he was so successful that the FDA shut him down for practicing medicine without a license. I want to meet anyone the FDA shuts down because they must be doing something right! At the same time, I want to be very cautions about anything the FDA approves! What is wrong with that picture and what has the government come to?

Solutions to Destructive Thinking and The Pitiful Sense of Self

How about effective solutions to pulling out of the quagmire of the ‘Poor Little Me’ syndrome? The effort needed to break the bonds of the negative thinking patterns is probably related to the psychological and spiritual makeup of the individual and also the length of time its gone on. What tools, if any, are there beyond psychotherapy?

For me, the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle where instrumental in gaining improved self-awareness. What further accelerated my path while providing needed mental and physical strength, was the work I have dedicated to Chi Gong (Qigong) – but not just any Qigong. The teacher you choose is paramount to your success and after bouncing from teacher to teacher and method to method, I finally found THE teacher in the summer of 2010. The teachings of Yuan Tze Ren Xue and Zhineng Qigong has probably provided more benefit than anything else I have done on the path to realization. More than Vipassana Meditation and The Ridhwan School of Spiritual Development.

Finally, I believe there is value in some of the materials from Shakti Gowan as well as the Seth books from Jane Roberts and Abraham books from Ester and Jerry Hicks.