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Day 11 of overall program –

I needed ‘time out’

Yesterday I broke the second 3-day fast of the overall program. It was the fifth and final day of the first 5-day Kidney/Bladder cleansing program. I still did Dr. Schulze’s herbal program as instructed, but on the 1st and 5th day you eat some solid food like salads and veggies.

I’ve decided to take a 48 hour break before starting the second 5-day Liver/Gallbladder detox. The two-day break is optional and I didn’t take it last week, but I’m taking it this time.

Yesterday, I broke the fast with a lentil soup and fresh mixed salad at Whole Foods for lunch. Last night I veered off track and had a creamy vegetable and mushroom soup with rice, which I diluted with nutrient dense chicken broth. Ingredients follow:

How nourishing is that? And to what extent would Dr. Schulze ostracize me at this point? I have already said, and I’m saying it again: I’m NOT a vegan nor am I a vegetarian. Rather, I believe in honoring time-tested traditions of growing, raising and preparing foods in sustainable, nourishing and nutrient dense ways.

Who to believe when it comes to dietary guidelines

I am a subscriber to the research of former head of the American Dental Association, Weston A. Price as well as the research of Dr. Pottenger, MD. A more contemporary approach to these guys is represented by the Paleo (as in paleolithic) movement inspired by a younger nutritionally enlightened generation.

Know your food source

I have personally met some of the farmers who grew the ingredients for the above recipes. Sometimes they lecture at Three Stone Hearth Kitchen here in Berkeley, California, where the food is made and in the case of the chickens, I have driven to the farm and petted the pigs and helped let the chickens out of their overnight shelters for another day of sun and fun in the open green fields near Pt. Reyes Station.

While discussing nutrition, if I was going to investigate other dietary guidelines, I would first of a all stay as far away as possible from the dysfunctional government (corporate) food pyramid, which, in my opinion, bears tremendous responsibility for the explosive obesity and diabetes epidemics in the US during the past few decades.

Rather, I would study the work of Dr. Peter D’Adamo and his father who popularized the well researched but at times controversial “Eat Right for Your Type” concept. Rather than being guided by blood type alone, which I find too simplistic, I do believe there is validity in his Genotyping research. Combining Genotyping with blood type may perhaps hold the key to an individual’s optimum nutrition. I don’t believe one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet – and many other life issues for that matter…

One size fits all in medicine?

Most of us know by now that the “once-size-fits-all” concept – as it’s still practiced by ‘modern’ medicine is passé, over, kaput and just plain crude. We are all unique individuals both genetically, psychologically and spiritually. So why continue to fit a square peg into a round hole and when it doesn’t fit, bring out the ‘big canons’ to force it in. This often results in tremendous disruption and damage to the body.

Fortunately, some individuals are decades ahead. One of them, in my opinion, is biochemist and medical doctor, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, MD PhD, who pioneered antineoplastons in the treatment of cancer. His story is too long to write about here, suffice it to say that the American Cancer Society – and even Wikipedia – continue to downplay the efficacy of his drug. Now Dr. Burzynski is combining gene targeted drug therapy with his antineoplastons which puts him light years ahead of the archaic trillion-dollar US cancer treatment infrastructure.

Anyway, I’m having my next meal; the last of the vegetable broth combined with Chicken broth and a piece of toasted gluten-free Hi Flax-Omega 3 bread, smothered in fresh organic butter from grass-fed cows (Highest vitamin E content of any food source), along with a side dish of fermented root vegetables.


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