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Day 12 of overall program –

Could it be that I’m wrong?

Why is being wrong so difficult for the stubborn ego? There is such tremendous resistance – even on a subconscious level – to admit and accept responsibility that a wrong or ignorant belief is held.

Regardless, of right, wrong or neutral, the ultimate answer is often elusive and subject to trial and error anyways. Its not unlike fumbling through a dark forest looking the exit. That’s how I feel about my decision to consume meat products during Dr. Schulze’s cleansing program – not on juice cleansing days but on the “free days.”

My Justifications

I have justified my transgression by explaining that:

  1. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian
  2. I only consume high quality pasture raised sources with traceable origin

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...

Yet, what if the protein and other contents actually perpetuated my main physical complaint? If I had a protozoa and if it thrived on such food, then eating meat sources would negate the intended aim of the cleanse – to ‘clean house’ and deprive the microbe of hiding places and nourishment. To present the microbe on a silver platter to the immune system for eradication.

And if the symptoms were a chronic post-infectious physiological irritation or reaction, and if this phenomena was aggravated by meat consumption, I would still negate the possible benefits of the cleansing.

I’m going through so much trouble to do this cleanse, so why not go all the way regardless of my ideology and dietary justifications? Why am I afraid of malnourishment and why do I feel the bone broths provide badly needed sustenance? I almost feel like an infant screaming for mother’s milk. I admit it – doing the 30-day cleanse is difficult because there is hunger involved.

I know plenty of nutrition is provided – and I’m even doubling up on the SuperFood Plus by taking four tablespoons daily instead of two. So why the worry?

Liver inferior

Last evening, following the bone broth and vegetable rice soup dinner with several slices of raw aged cheddar cheese, the old familiar liver pain came back – it originates from deep within the liver. This particular sensation was absent for the past week or so. So I slept with 5000 gauss static magnets placed around the abdomen during the night to get some hours of sleep.

Weighing Reasons and Seeking a Conclusion

I though, ‘aha’, perhaps it has to do with the cheese, butter and bone broth. Due to the magnets, however, the urine was very good this morning. They seem to have this effect even when I’m not doing the cleanse.

The symptoms may also result from the 48-hour break I’m taking from the cleanse. There are so many factors and there never is a black & white answer. Nor is there a linear and simplistic cause and effect when it comes to the symptoms. I’ve decided the body is non-linear and very complex and rarely supports the mind’s desire for simplisitc conclusions.

Besides, there has been symptoms all along during the cleanse, just not this particular deep liver discomfort from which everything seems to always originate.