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Day 13 of overall program –
Day 1 of 2nd round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

Why does routine become mundane and boring?

Routines have certain advantages; familiarity, know-how and comfort. They also represent fertile breeding grounds for boredom, complacency and dis-interest.

Today, I begin the second round of the 5-day Liver/Bladder Detox. By now, I know the routine: Shopping for vegetable broth ingredients, make the liver flush drink first thing in the morning, drink the detox tea three times per day, etc., etc. It actually feels good to have done it before, because I know what to expect.

So in this case, there isn’t boredom, except that I’m procrastinating on getting started with cleaning and prepping the veggies which go in the broth. I WILL do it now and simmer them two hours tonight so the broth is ready for the three-day liquid fast/cleanse starting tomorrow (on day two).

I pledge to stay focused during the routine tasks of this cleansing program, and I will continue to appreciate all aspects of the activities; including the potato peeling and the hot/cold shower routine.

By practicing presence, boredom from routine activities becomes a fictitious concept. Boredom is not compatible with an aware and present consciousness. Because in such a mental state, every unfolding moment holds infinite possibilities in a world of indescribable beauty 👍