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Day 14 of overall program –
Day 2 of 2nd round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

One advantage to doing an extended cleansing commitment like Dr. Schulze’s 30-Day Detox or “There Are No Incurable Diseases” programs is that they get easier as time goes on.

Once you get it all figured out and get into a routine, it becomes part of your daily living. Concurrently, you feel lighter, clearer in the head and with more energy. I like the feeling of only consuming nutrient dense liquids because it makes me feel different – better in many ways. I realize that digestion drags me down in everyday living and how important it is to choose the right foods that digest easily.

Intestinal Formula No. 2

I use a mason jar with screw on lid to shake the Intestinal Formula #2. At first I was drinking it with only water, but I discovered by mixing it with a bit of bottled Evolution Fiber Apple Berry Juice Blend, it goes down so much easier. It only takes a tiny bit in the bottom of the jar and the rest is water. So a 15.2 FL OZ bottle of juice lasts nearly a couple of days – or 10 servings of the Intestinal Formula #2 which I take five times daily according to instructions.

Super Bowl; what for?

The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIX troph...

So I went for a walk this afternoon to take advantage of the empty streets – it was wonderful – weather warm and sunny and hardly anyone around. On the way back, I stopped in to pick up a roll of paper towel at the local supermarket.

Undoubtedly heading out to watch the Super Bowl game somewhere, nearly everyone in line at the cash register were sporting either potato chips or a six pack of beer. I thought to myself, “what a lifestyle – junk food and sedentary sports participation – great combo for health optimization.” Then again, I suppose there are sociological advantages to rooting for “one’s team” whatever that means in the big scheme of things…