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Day 16 of overall program –
Day 4 of 2nd round of 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Detox

The problem of consistency

Consistency in updating the blog is becoming challenging. The cleanse is not, but the commitment to sit down and come up with something new to write is a challenge. Today I just plain didn’t feel like making an entry.

I’m not hungry any longer. And I think my body weight has stabilized. I feel good about doing the cleansing program. Today was my fourth and second last day of the second 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder detox program. Tomorrow I’ll eat soups and salads and decide if I should go directly into the second Kidney/Bladder cleanse.

Psychic Chasms

I’m booked to have a two-hour past life regression session at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco tomorrow night. According to Brian Weiss MD, this type of information can have profound importance to symptom resolution in some individuals. We shall see. I do not leave a stone unturned on this healing journey and I will take the time to list all the modalities I have tried at some point.