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Day 18 of overall program –
Day 1 of 2nd round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox

Fourth time making the vegetable broth

Who said practice makes perfect? Actually I do believe the broth tastes better and better with each new batch. Question is – could it be my taste buds adapting or am I actually developing vegetable broth culinary skills. As I drink copious amounts of broth on the three “fasting” days, I’m beginning to believe that it is immensely good for me. Nutritious, cleansing and healing. There is probably even more to it than I make myself believe. I think Dr. Schulze is not a stupid guy, and he probably includes it in program for a reason. For the ingredient list, please check my blog entry for Day 2.

Biomagnetism according to Dr. Goiz, MD

Today I had another Biomagnetic Pair treatment according to Dr. Goiz Duran, MD. This modality, in my estimation, is a miracle of healing. Dr. Goiz is one of these geniuses who was able to break free of the straight jacket imposed on him by orthodox medical school. Not only that, he was able to extrapolate, intuit and postulate based on the magnet research of individuals who had gone before him. He has developed a comprehensive, scientifically backed system, of more than 250 anatomically defined magnet pairs over a 23 year period. Each pair represents a localized pH imbalance in the body and by neutralizing acidity and restructuring body fluids using the low intensity static magnets, he has performed consistent healing “miracles” for over two decades.

Unfortunately, most practitioners of his method are based in Central and South America as well as Spain and Germany. Nearly all are Spanish speakers and few highly proficient practitioners exist in the United States. Of course in the US, due to FDA gag rules and health care monopolies, no claims are made about Biomagnetism except that basic low intensity static magnets are employed for relaxation and to increase circulation and alleviate minor aches and pains. In other countries, and particularly in Ecuador and Chile, practice of the Biomagnetic Pair, according to Dr. Goiz, is performed in some hospitals. For more information, there are additional descriptions in English on various US websites.