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Day 20 of overall program –
Day 3 of 2nd round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox

Going out to eat without eating

Indian food setToday, I went out for lunch with friends except that I didn’t have lunch but instead brought a glass jar of potassium (vegetable) broth. I’ve never gone to a restaurant and not eaten before. The Indian lunch of my table mates looked and smelled delicious and for the first time since I began the program, I felt really hungry with a growling stomach.

Once home, I immediately juiced carrots, celery, beet leaves, raw turmeric and a Granny Smith apple. I mixed it with two table spoons of SuperFood Plus and felt satisfied shortly after.

Interestingly I have not lost energy at all throughout the cleansing. I feel pretty energized all the time which confirms I’m getting plenty of nutrition and energy for ATP production and general well being.


Later in the day, a friend forwarded a URL about a Dutch health practitioner, Mireille Mettes who developed a method she calls “Mental and Intuitive Reset” MIR. On her website she freely shares the method in writing and via two instructional YouTube videos. I like the simplicity and seeming effectiveness of the affirmations and intend to give it a try for the next 30 days as suggested in the documentation. I’m posting the videos below on this page as well as a quick reference mind-map image of the overall method.

If you want to print the Quick-Guide affirmation below, please click the file and in the new window select File>Save As to save it to your computer. THEN, open the PDF file on your computer and print from there, otherwise it may not print properly.