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Day 22 of overall program –
Day 5 of 2nd round of 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox


Deutsch: Rose mit Rauhreif / EiskristallenI’ve decided to transition to a normal diet at this time while continuing with Dr. Schulze’s cleansing program.

My physical symptoms are 80% improved but most likely not from the herbs or cleansing but rather as a result of key information relayed to me during a two hour psychic reading on Day 17.

My recognition, absorption and assimilation of the information given at that reading has produced a shift in my assumptions, beliefs and self proclaimed knowledge regarding the symptoms. I believe what transpired at Psychic Horizons is akin to the benefit reported by patients engaging in Total Biology as taught by Claude Sabbah, Gilbert Renaud and others. Also see “Recall Healing” and “German New Medicine.”

The human psyche is not a linear phenomena nor are pathological conditions. The pharmaceutical companies already know the power of placebo and rather than filtering out the effect, this is precisely what enlightened academics should pursue. Once key emotional knots are untied and conscious recognitions made, the infinitely intelligent body is freed to produce whatever chemicals and processes are needed for curing whatever health obstructions were created in the first place.

I will not be making additional posts on a daily basis to this blog at this time. I plan to revisit and make additional postings from time to time. Thank you for reading.